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Are you looking to elevate your event and provide an exclusive, unparalleled entertainment experience? We are Luxx Entertainment – nice to finally greet you!

At Luxx, providing a DJ that can assemble a great playlist does not scratch the surface of the service we deliver. Crafting distinct sets for each segment of your event, with your suggestions in mind is what creates those unforgettable moments – that is what we specialize in. Whether it is your wedding day, a corporate event, school dance, or a backyard barbeque, we have you covered.

Luxx Entertainment is the product of founder, Logan Smith’s years of coveted experience, passion, and tenacity in the Mobile Entertainment industry. With a decade of expertise, Logan has spent countless hours devoted to the evolution of this business. Our referrals and reviews endorse this. Complete our inquiry form and let’s set up a meeting.


Logan’s love for music started at a very young age, jamming to AC/DC and other classic rock in the living room of childhood home. As time went on collecting CD’s became a hobby and by 7th grade he was selling burnt mixtapes to his High School peers.  Logan’s passion for DJing wasn’t discovered until his early 20’s when a childhood friend came to him for help in researching the culture. From that day on Logan’s interest in the art of DJing grew exponentially year after year. Since then, Logan has entertained 100’s of events from nightlife to weddings and even the occasional 5k Fundraiser.

Throughout the course of Logan’s college years attending Western Michigan University, he spent his weekends behind the decks entertaining the local nightlife. When asked why he wanted to be a DJ he said, “I’ve always been a Dj.. even before i knew it. I was always the guy to come to for music.” Today Logan is the founder of Luxx Entertainment and a rising youTube personality in the DJ industry.

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